October 23, 2015

Get Fit For Christmas

Impress your hometown with a ripped look.

iWatch or iPhone 6s? That new G-Shock watch or a fresh cologne?

These items are at the top of a lot of Christmas lists this year, but the best gift you can give your girlfriend or boyfriend and hometown fans is a fit body. Let’s face it, many of us are only home for a few weeks out of the year and many times we go out and see our old high school friends at the club. You do not want to leave folks thinking you looked...
October 6, 2015

Be a Champion. Eat Like a Champion.

Goals take time, and for those of us that embody the InnerTitan lifestyle, we give 120% to what we do. If you are trying to gain muscle and get that killer bodybuilder physique, you may find you are lifting heavy and killing it in the gym, but just not seeing the huge size gains you were expecting. Guess what? You probably aren’t eating enough. Don’t back off the carbs or the multiple servings of food at the lunch/dinner table - especially if...
October 2, 2015

Grow Big Arms Fast


Key training and nutrition tips to get those biceps and triceps blasting

For a lot of us guys, arms can be a favorite body part. But sometimes it’s hard to get those muscle fibers to grow. We understand what it’s like to be frustrated, but it’s time to hit fast-forward and get those guns back to work in the gym.
If you aren’t seeing results, think what your coach would say: Change the game plan, work smarter (and harder in this...
September 4, 2015

Power of Positivity: Break Through the Excuses

One challenge to getting the physique we all shoot for is our daily routines. While routines can sometimes be a good thing to keep our days and nights balanced, routines can also lock some of us fitness warriors into not-so-good habits.

If your daily job or school work is getting in the way of your body development or bodybuilding goal, just think: Am I better off in the long run putting off my health? Or, should I take an hour break, hit...
July 31, 2015

Plow through Plateaus: Four Ways to Get Unstuck

Whether your prefer bodybuilding or playing competitive sports, we all know what it feels like to see slower muscle gains when we are giving it our all in training each and every day. We call it the dreaded ‘plateau’. While many of us Unstoppable folks are used to hitting a plateau every now and then, it is easy to forget the steps for getting unstuck, so we thought it would be best to write them down for our readers. Here are four...
June 1, 2015

6 Tips for an Effective 30 Minute Workout

If you’ve ever felt like you were wasting time in the gym, you probably already know the importance of having a game plan from the second you walk in the door. Keeping your workouts within 30 minutes will give you more time for the important things. Here’s how you can make your 30 minute workouts EFFECTIVE:

1) Keep a list of what you’re going to do and the days you're going to do it in your phone

For example,...

March 6, 2015

Avoid Bad Eats

As you may already know, if you don’t have a go-to meal, it’s easy to put off making your meals for the week, leaving you scavenging for food during the week. That’s no fun. It cost extra money and makes you fat :(

Here are the basics to designing your personal go-to meal:
1)   protein –
chicken, lean beef, lean turkey, eggs, etc.
2)   carbohydrates – brown rice, whole wheat pasta, lintels, beans, quinoa,...
February 16, 2015



Imagine yourself by the pool today. Yes, it's only middle of February, but guys, would you go out to the pool looking like you do right now? Hopefully, for some of our InnerTitan members, the answer would be,'YES I AM!!' But I know a lot of us out there, myself included, need a bit of fine tuning before pool season kicks off.

It's been a warm year down south and don't plan on a June debut- it could come as...
January 19, 2015

Get Money For Supps

How to afford supps on a razor tight budget

Many of our InnerTitan customers are students, single guys and girls with big bills to pay, or parents who are also athletes or their children are athletes too (and we are proud to have both as customers!).

I cannot tell you how many posts and tweets we see about cost of supplements, given the current economic climate.

We are strong believers in getting as much nutrients from whole foods as possible...
January 3, 2015

A Year All About Athletes, A Year All About You

Get Ripped in 2015!

Make 2015 a year all about you. Join InnerTitan in making your New Year’s resolution to become a true athlete. By this we do not mean having the talent of Johnny Football or Kobe (but congratulations if you do!) but be the best athlete that you can be, even if you’ve never hit the gym or played sports before.
Being an athlete is just as much about attitude and perseverance as it about eye-hand...