Get Money For Supps

How to afford supps on a razor tight budget

Many of our InnerTitan customers are students, single guys and girls with big bills to pay, or parents who are also athletes or their children are athletes too (and we are proud to have both as customers!).

I cannot tell you how many posts and tweets we see about cost of supplements, given the current economic climate.

We are strong believers in getting as much nutrients from whole foods as possible and actively promote this approach via mass media and our articles. However, for our serious competitors and athletes, we all know that supps are needed many times to get us to the next level, even if it is a basic creatine, multivitamin or weight gainer. This is especially true for 'hard gainers' and 'hard losers'.

So, we are not Dave Ramsey & Co. here, but we hope he would like our 6 InnerTitan Tips to shred your costs,make room in the budget for the supps you need (your gym lifestyle and personal goals should not be sacrificed!) and maybe even save each month or pay off credit cards (yep, we all have 'em and monthly interest sucks hard).

1. Check your bank account and credit cards.

Scour them - yes it is painful and there are a lot of things we aren't proud of on the statements - party costs for example (beer,  and for our UNDER 21's cake, party hats, etc ;)).

2. Now, make three buckets.

  1. must pay: rent/mortgage, utilities, groceries & your supplements for bodybuilding and fitness - not 'food' in general - we mean grocery store groceries (NOT burger king and starbucks!), and insurance 
  2.  Feel like you must pay but it's going on a credit card/loan: gym membership, cable bill, internet bill, STARBUCKS :), gas, cell phone.
  3. Frivolous costs that bring temporary pleasure: beer, more beer, shopping spree for things you don't need, manicures/pedicures.

3. Keep all of your must pays.

These are really only about four things listed and you will no longer be sacrificing your health and fitness goals. Attack the 'feel like you must pays' like a mad honey badger and work to discount or eliminate most of them  following this guide:

  • Gym (don't cancel!): $20-$50/month, $240-$600/yr): Negotiate with your gym owner - even the chains discount nearly every time if you tell them you are leaving. I once was offered over 50% to stay! Don't get us wrong, we love our gym owners, but in tough times, negotiate! Alternatively, cancel your chain membership and use your apartment gym, university gym (generally free w/tuition or included) or move to a small, hardlifter gym or CrossFit gym where the fees are less or you get more bang for your buck.
  • Cable bill ($20-100/month, $240-$1,200/yr): one answer here: use Netflix through your playstation /PC and access via the web, cutting your entire cable bill or cut your bill by just going to basic cable. You will at least save several hundred dollars a year - I did this myself - thank you Netflix! If there is a show you want to watch on HBO, go to a friends house and help make dinner for them. Better to use money on networking and having a fun night  at a friend's than staying at home by yourself and racking up big bills.
  • Internet bill ($20-$100/month, $240-$1,000/yr): this really depends on your personal situation but if you have a friend, roommate or neighbor (if legal in your state), see if you can move to one account and split costs 50/50. And don't go for the super fast, super expensive option if you are paying out the nose for it. By sharing and getting regular speed, you can save up to 50%.
  • Starbucks ($50-$500/month, $600-$6,000/yr): seriously folks, this has to get under control. I love my 'Bucks too, but I make my own during the week and splurge on Fridays and Saturdays only.
  • Gas + Car Payment ($400-$1000/month, $4,800- $12,000/yr): Okay, I know this sounds crazy, but I ditched my car for a bus last year. Yea, the bus sucks, I am not going to sit here and lie, but you know what? I saved a $400/month car payment and $300 in gas each month, for a total savings of about $8K/yr - I can seriously make it rain now up in the bus. So, I'll sit a few seats down from the nose blower and pocket the extra cheese. Now, sometimes you have to have a car- we know this - see if you can cut your costs by carpooling or getting a commuter car with killer gas mileage - you can still save a couple hundred a month. I was able to move to the bus because the city I live in has great public transportation.
  • Cell phone ($50-$200/month, $600-4,800/yr): you need a cell phone! BUT...move down to a basic plan; use FB messenger instead of texting and use Skype for all long distance/long conversations. Only download videos in areas where you get free wifi (this is almost everywhere - even on my BUS!) and cut your data plan altogether or down to the minimum package. You can save $600+ a year just doing this.

4.  Finally, the most painful...

Cut the BIG, NASTY DEMON: Frivolous spending that brings you temporary pleasure. Be honest and look this over hard. When I did, I found about $1,000 a month in frivolous spending (bar drinks, gifts to myself that I didn't need, magazine subscriptions (going to an old address even!) You can't be a hermit crab and lock yourself indoors, but move to a cash basis for this category. Tell your friends you are 'balllin on a budget' (showing my age here), BUT you can't go beyond that budget (try cutting in half)!!! If they push you to go out, tell them you will if they're buying ;). Suggest a house party and BYOB instead - most of the time, your friends are in the same boat you are!

5. Reflect.

Dont' panic. Get happy. We just gave you 4 concrete ways to save buckets of money - quite literally if we are talking dollar bills and coins!

6. And lastly, drum roll please...

SHOP AT!  But on a serious note, we have great prices and one of the largest selections on the intenet. On a lot of items we even beat the largest, most sinister megamarts in the world (you know who we are talking about ; -)

Keep up your goals, we support you. Write us or post on our Facebook page if you have your own tips you would like to share with us! We definitely want to hear YOUR thoughts and what has worked for you.

- Your Friends at InnerTitan


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