Power of Positivity: Break Through the Excuses

One challenge to getting the physique we all shoot for is our daily routines. While routines can sometimes be a good thing to keep our days and nights balanced, routines can also lock some of us fitness warriors into not-so-good habits.

If your daily job or school work is getting in the way of your body development or bodybuilding goal, just think: Am I better off in the long run putting off my health? Or, should I take an hour break, hit the gym and return to the library or office more focused and motivated knowing I look and feel my best?

Also, here is a big reality check: More and more schools and firms are looking not only for smarts, but for healthy, good looking folks to represent them on the street. You are not only going to help yourself by breaking your routine and hitting the gym, but you are also going to be putting more money in the bank than your peers at the end of the day by getting in those abs and squat thrusts!

Here are four quick tips from your friends at InnerTitan for breaking your routine and BEING UNSTOPPABLE in the gym:

1) Schedule your workout into your day like you would a medical appointment.

No compromises. No excuses. Too much work to do? Too bad. Gym time! Tip: Set reminders in your iPhone or have a workout buddy call you an hour ahead of time to meet you to keep your head in the game.


Share your goal with your teachers, your peers, your friends, your family, your boss, your co-workers. You will be surprised at their reaction – you will get more support and come across as more ambitious and goal-oriented.

3) Set a lofty goal.

Decide today that you will do a physique, bikini or bodybuilding show within the next year; you have plenty of time, but you need to start now!

4) Urge your friends to join you in the gym.

We all need the power of positivity and motivation in our lives, and usually it is us fitness freaks that are the most positive. But, we sometimes need the most support as well. What you give is what you get in return!

With a positive attitude and a few changes to the old boring routine, you can look and feel your best every day. Be Unstoppable.

- Your friends at

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