Be a Champion. Eat Like a Champion.

Goals take time, and for those of us that embody the InnerTitan lifestyle, we give 120% to what we do. If you are trying to gain muscle and get that killer bodybuilder physique, you may find you are lifting heavy and killing it in the gym, but just not seeing the huge size gains you were expecting. Guess what? You probably aren’t eating enough. Don’t back off the carbs or the multiple servings of food at the lunch/dinner table - especially if you are trying to bulk up.

Here are some quick tips if to see if you are eating enough:


1) Do the math.

Use an online calorie counter or go to the Build A Plan section on and choose your goal and activity level. Check to see if you are eating enough calories each day to gain the weight you want.

2) Don’t listen to your lighter friends.

If you’re anything like us, we are the biggest guys in the room and friends sometimes don’t understand the massive calorie burn weightlifting takes. To be a bodybuilding or physique champion, you have to eat like one – carbs are our friend, not the enemy!

3) Check out what the football players are eating at school.

If you want to get seriously jacked, make a friend or two in the locker room and ask about what their breakfast consists of. Here’s a hint: 6 egg whites, a half pound of bacon, a stack of pancakes and a protein shake, if we had to guess. Bottom line: If you eat like a normal guy or gal but are training like a pro, you might end up smaller (but a heck of a lot stronger) than you started. Start taking your bulk-up diet as seriously as your workout and you will see huge gains in the gym.

Happy eating! Be Unstoppable.

- Your friends at InnerTitan

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