Plow through Plateaus: Four Ways to Get Unstuck

Whether your prefer bodybuilding or playing competitive sports, we all know what it feels like to see slower muscle gains when we are giving it our all in training each and every day. We call it the dreaded ‘plateau’. While many of us Unstoppable folks are used to hitting a plateau every now and then, it is easy to forget the steps for getting unstuck, so we thought it would be best to write them down for our readers. Here are four ways to get out of the rut and get back to seeing size and strength gains you deserve when you’re training in beast mode:

1. Try a few weeks of changing the workout routine.

For the weightlifters out there this is a huge thing to ask, but trust us: a few weeks of negative resistance training will make a huge difference. Plus, you can put on some big size this way (think six to eight full seconds when you let the bar down, then one full second pushing back up). Negative resistance training is a great way to bust through plateaus – and let us say FAST! If you steadily utilize negative resistance training, try plyometrics (think CrossFit) for a few weeks to shock the muscle. When you do this, the plateau will be busted when you get back to your original training style. Remember, you don’t have to get away from your routine for long – just a few weeks will do the trick!

2. Do you have a workout buddy to spot you in the gym?

For guys and gals out there training alone, ask a buddy or make a buddy at the gym. Maybe a member of the gym staff can help spot you when you need to add incremental weight to your sets or to give you motivation as you go the extra mile on your ab and leg workouts. Do not underestimate the power of a workout buddy (a good, motivated one that is); the go-it-alone approach is a tough road in fitness. For those working and in school, definitely make friends with gym staff, as they are always there. Do not compromise on your workouts just because your best friend isn’t with you in the gym everyday. Don’t be shy – the gym folks love to help out and make a positive difference.

3. Try adding Glutamine as well as a calcium and magnesium supplement for recovery & strength.

If you are hitting a plateau, these simple supplements go a long way to getting you back in the game. has a lot of bargains on these supps as well. Check out our Top Muscle Builders or shop our supply of top brands such as Gaspari, Muscle Pharm, Twinlab and more.

4. Get more rest.

Many of you out there are Unstoppable in the gym, at school and at work. Do you have a rest day? Make sure you let your muscles rest and grow. If you are proving a point by not resting, you are only hurting yourself. Get rest. Your muscles will grow, your body will thank you for the sleep, and you’ll be STRONGER THAN EVER.

Train Hard. Feed the Body. Rest the Body. Be Unstoppable.
- Your friends at InnerTitan
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