Get Fit For Christmas!
Posted 10/23/2015

Get Fit For Christmas

Impress your hometown with a ripped look.

iWatch or iPhone 6s? That new G-Shock watch or a fresh cologne?

These items are at the top of a lot of Christmas lists this year, but the best gift you can give your girlfriend or boyfriend and hometown fans is a fit body. Let’s face it, many of us are only home for a few weeks out of the year and many times we go out and see our old high school friends at the club. You do not want to leave folks thinking you looked better before you left for college. Rather, ‘it’s time to get down to business!,’ as one of our loyal customers recently said. With final exams, a holiday work schedule and family time to pack in, you may not have a full hour a day to hit the weights and that is why we are here to help with a few tips.
  1. Get the Most out of December Workouts:
It’s time for a reality check – high stress months are around the corner, finals may be in your near future and you need to get good grades. Organize your calendar now to include morning cardio sessions. Try 30 minutes of solid interval training in the mornings to start your day. Even if you aren’t a cardio junky, this is a great way to wake up, sweat out any negative energy and get the endorphins going for what will be a marathon of reading in the library. You can focus on your reading and work knowing you put your health first even when stress levels seem to be increasing. Then, don’t neglect your weight routine. Schedule these sessions in like a doctor’s appointment. A hard weight routine followed by a hot shower is a great way to relax and refocus your energy. A mid-day workout is the best idea for a study break and to relieve stress. If you thought this tip was going to include a break from the gym, you must have been thinking crazy!
  1. Take things up a notch during your workout with Amino X by BSN– a favorite of our super lifters for endurance and recovery(but great for cardio energy as well)–  only $15.65! (yes, only 15 bucks!) for a full, 30 serving container. InnerTitan is priced with the bodybuilding student in mind!
  2. Counter Stress with a fool-proof Meal Plan
The body’s stress hormones may kick into high gear during finals week. You may have heard of the hormone cortisol and how stress can impact your body’s weight. Don’t fall victim to this right before you are about to head home to see your boo. One easy piece of advice we like to give is make sure you can see and define each ingredient in your meals. This isn’t a diet – in fact quite the opposite -feel free to InnerTitan size! This is a way to eat a balanced meal that is clean and lower in fat. Instead of spaghetti for example, go for a build-it-yourself salad. Add your plain, wheat pasta into a bowl. Then pour on the celery, tomato, shredded beets and carrots (now you have your carbs and fiber). Add on tuna, sliced chicken, turkey or lean beef on the side or on top. If you don’t eat meat, try cottage cheese. Finish it off with some balsamic vinegar and chili oil and you are good to go. This is such an easy and affordable way to eat, you can pack on muscle and fatten your wallet at the same time.

If you hate salad-type foods, we don’t blame you – but you can still fool-proof your meal by following the same methodology of being able to see each component of your meal!
  • Don’t be a Scrooge! Share your recipes for packing on muscle at our facebook page
  • Stay Positive and Spread Positive Energy
This may sounds stupid but it’s true – positive thinkers are more likely to excel and reach their goals. Squash any negative thoughts of failing to meet your Christmas fitness goals with the overpowering motto ‘Be Unstoppable!’ This is the InnerTitan mantra for a reason -because it is the moments in your life where you have said ‘I can do this’ that have gotten you where you are today! Remember to encourage others and spread positive thinking to others. If you embrace your InnerTitan we are confident you will be looking healthy and vibrant for the holidays.
  • Message us on Facebook and Twitter and send us pictures of your progress throughout December. Stay posted to our site for the latest deals. We have priced all of our name brands at wholesale prices for our growing InnerTitan community!
  • Prepare for the Pool.
No, this isn’t a summer time post. Your family and friends want to see YOU this Christmas, not the ghost of Christmas’ past. Grab some rays, tan or spray tan (pick a healthy option) so you look fresh before heading home. You don’t need a yearlong membership to a local tanning salon, just splurge $15 bucks for a one time shot. Get a haircut, cut your nails and moisturize your elbows. Trust us, after being packed in the library for a month, we know how far one can go downhill in 20 days (or longer). Spend the $25- $30 and look your best again. It’s true home is a place of comfort, but don’t forget the second you arrive home you will be planning your first night out on the town. Plus, you won’t regret the extra effort with all the holiday hugs (and hopefully kisses too) you get!
- Your friends at InnerTitan
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