A Year All About Athletes, A Year All About You

Get Ripped in 2015!

Make 2015 a year all about you. Join InnerTitan in making your New Year’s resolution to become a true athlete. By this we do not mean having the talent of Johnny Football or Kobe (but congratulations if you do!) but be the best athlete that you can be, even if you’ve never hit the gym or played sports before.
Being an athlete is just as much about attitude and perseverance as it about eye-hand coordination, speed and sporting skill.
Dedication, a healthy meal plan, and a balanced but physical workout routine can be a life changer. In 2012 we had InnerTitan members compete in bodybuilding competitions, reduce their body fat to a healthy level, start new careers and some had brand new starts in their personal lives. We have learned that being fit and living a fitness lifestyle can impact all areas of your life in a positive way, not just your abs ;-)

First, think of the advantages of starting an athletic lifestyle:
  1. Being fit and in good cardiovascular shape will be key to your next life goal. Whether it is to enter a physique or bodybuilding show, become a medical doctor, start a business, get a PhD or become a life coach, looking your best and being healthy will help you be more successful, live longer and attract a good looking mate.
  2. If you look better, you will feel better. Post a picture in your room of a physique or bodybuilding star that you would like to look like in your kitchen and iPhone to remind you to stay dedicated to your workout and making healthy meals each day (one of our personal favorites at InnerTitan is James ‘Flex’ Lewis..oh and Arnold of course!).
  3. The need and drive for success are normal parts of human nature. The more we challenge ourselves and reach our goals in the gym, the more likely we are to hone in on our academic goals and succeed in life. So don’t hold back! Be Unstoppable and show everyone what you’ve got!
In order to make the transition from part-time athlete to full-time athlete and bodybuilder, we suggest the following:

Create a 'body budget'

Financially committing to a personal trainer, motivational books or audio books, healthy foods and supplements can make a huge difference. One tip is to take your monthly entertainment budget (going out to eat, drinks, party food) and make sure your ‘body to bar’ budget is at least 2 to 1.

It’s a new year, and a new you! Make sure you are making your body your number one priority and financial priority. We promise your return on investment will be the best you’ve ever experienced!


Tell your friends about your lifestyle goals and ask them to join you- there really is power in numbers. Get a lifting buddy, running buddy or swimming buddy, whatever is your favorite. Ours of course, is weight lifting!


Finally, stay involved and keep others updated on the progress you are making. A part of the fun of bodybuiding is keeping all eyes on you! Send us an update on our Facebook page! We love featuring athletes and members, so simply send us a message with your goal, your before and after photos, recipes or motivational thoughts. We love hearing from our members, Facebook friends and Twitter followers! You guys mean the world to us, so keep us updated regularly.

Here’s to a great start to 2015!

- Your friends at InnerTitan
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