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Imagine yourself by the pool today. Yes, it's only middle of February, but guys, would you go out to the pool looking like you do right now? Hopefully, for some of our InnerTitan members, the answer would be,'YES I AM!!' But I know a lot of us out there, myself included, need a bit of fine tuning before pool season kicks off.

It's been a warm year down south and don't plan on a June debut- it could come as early as April this year so it's time to get your *ss in high gear. Luckily, if you start now, you can finish a full 12 week training cycle now, get insanely ripped and spend your summer nights doing what you do best, whatever that might be...working out? ;)

Because we are time-limited, can't comprimise on looking good and have lots of folks to impress, we recommend digging out the ole SMART objectives to get ripped on time.

SMART = Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time deadlined.

First, get specific. Set a target that is attainable, but push yourself on the 'realistic' part. We will all need to change our current schedule, ditch excuses and make tough choices to get crazy ripped, god-like bodies. Good news. Even if you want to unload 20-30 pounds, this can be done in the twelve weeks we have. Get your goal down on paper tonight . Yes, I am sitting and waiting for you to grab your pen and paper. *SIGH*

Take my goal as an example = add one inch to my arms, cut body fat by 10%, get calves looking like giant tree branches.

These are all specific, measurable, attainable goals and I am starting tonight.

First, here are some goals we can all follow no matter if we are trying to build muscle or lose weight or bodyfat:

1) Clean up the diet & replace them with muscle builidng foods.

Say goodbye to cokes, sugary alcohol drinks and chococate covered pretzels. Our bodies get hooked on these fat-creating treats and they all have to go if you are serious about getting ripped for summer. For drinking, try vodka on the rocks with lime, or a tequila and lemon with water on the rocks.
The vodka and tequila are lower in calories, the citrus will help with flavor and curbing appetite as well.

Replace your junk food with:

a) Low fat beef, which is packed with muscle-building protein and amino acids. If you want to shake-up your meals, change out with Tuna or Salmon steaks which are also loaded with muscle-building components.

b) Black beans- black beans are packed with magnesium and other performance boosting nutrients to help take your intensity in the gym to the next level - try them, you will love them (add hot sauce for flavor).

c) Spicy peppers- I used to think this was a myth, but yet another study has been released showing the natural chemistry of hot peppers also increases the body's ability to burn fat for fuel. I personally love jalepenos and red chillis, so this is great news! Also, you can make your own hot sauce from hot green and red chillis soaked in vinegar - so delicous!

d) Bananas- rich in potasium and popular with runners for this reason, bananas help naturally give your body the fuel it needs to go the distance with your weight training.

2) Next, push your limits in the gym.

Throw in some extra sets, or add an extra 15 minutes to your cardio. If you aren't working out currently, or  you are and need a workout plan, we have you covered.

For the guys and gals out there who need some workout plans, get your free plan at our 'Buid A Plan' section - they are super easy to follow, are customized for guys and girls and have a large range of goals from weight loss to building huge muscles. The plans printer friendly so you can take them to the gym and really are bad-ass, designed by our Co-Founder and elite trainer, Devon Shurden. Other sites are charging for theirs and they suck (just kidding, but still).

3) Measure your results.

I have a measuring tape and body fat measurement tool and will be keeping everyone posted on my progress. Keep a daily diary to keep yourself on track. Remember, each day matters and you can cheat again next Winter - but the time for fooling around on the diet is officially over until September!

4) Reduce your stress levels

Remember to keep your stress levels down to build muscle or to lose weight. The stress hormone cortisol is a nasty guy that wants to keep you from achieving your goals! What can you do if you have a stressful job/schedule? Take some natural supplements to push cortisol levels down where they belong:

1. Vitamin C- take this everyday. In addition to boosting immunity, Cortisol lowers vitamin C levels, so  make sure to take this regurlarly to so you can reach your goals.

2. B Vitamins- B Vitamins are stress fighters and great for energy too, especially B5 and B6. Cortisol lowers these vitamin levels in the blood, which can lead to fatigue and insomnia. Our bodybuillders know how serious this can be! Don't fool around, take your B everyday!  We have lots of B Complex for super cheap too if you need some - check out the Store!

3. Get 8 hours every night- sleep is so important for recovery, muscle growth and overall well-being and folks just don't take this seriously enough. Make sure to dedicate enough time to your own health and focus on getting 8 hours each night.

Post your progress on our Facebook page with before and after shots! We want to see all of you poolside in Vegas this summer! I know I will be there!

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